Canfit Design 17 est disponible !

Liste des nouveautés :

Shell or Flare Tool.
The ability to find the largest width point of the shape and build out with flat sides from there. Thus modifying the shape forward to make a shell or flare.

Make Symmetric over a Constrained Area.
The capability to perform a Make Symmetric function over a constrained portion of a shape. Defining bounds along the shape in which the operation would occur.

Constraint Planes adjustable in angle.
New capabilities eliminate the need for fixed or orthogonal orientations. The tool can adjust the angle of the constraint planes to avoid changing geometry that the user does not want to modify.

64 Bit Application.
As a result of increasing memory demands due to ever more complex shapes and texture mapping, the limitations of 32 bit technology were being reached. Therefore Canfit™ 17 is now a true 64 bit application which can take advantage of a far larger memory space than 32 bit would allow. However, this now means that Canfit™ 17 must be run on a 64 bit operating system. See section 2.0 for details.

Defeature Patch Size Limit has been greatly increased.
A benefit of Canfit™ 17 being a full 64 bit application is that it has enabled the software to be able to perform much larger Defeature operations

Texture Removal is more obvious to the user.
A split button has been added adjacent to Generate Texture which will allow the user to Remove Texture just as easily.

The Shape “Within” Shape Function shows the previewed active shape if activated when the preview is showing.
A “show active” working option has been added to the preview dialog allowing the user to visualize active and finished shapes.

Performance improvements in startup speed.
Canfit™ starts up much faster than in previous versions due to improvements and optimizations to the database.

Sand Tool has been improved with a “sculpting” capability.
The user may now use an add/remove function as part of the sand tool. In all modes, Smooth/Sand/Fill can add or remove from the active shape.

Importing shape types supports colour per vertex.
If an ACAD model has colour per vertex information, this will now also be imported into Canfit™.

Smooth tool for mesh shapes now has the option to preserve features.
An option to “Preserve Features” has been added as a checkbox in the Smooth dialog for mesh shapes.

Library Shape Groups not expanded by default.
An option is now available where the user can choose to not expand their library shape groups. This is beneficial for users with large shape libraries.

Statistics category has been added to the patient filters for generating reports.
The reports can now generate information on number of carve files, modifications, and modification times.