Spectra version 3.0.2 est disponible.

What’s New

Spectra 3 introduces performance improvements and new features that make it faster and easier to use than ever:
  • Save time with 20% faster scanning speed and several productivity improvements
  • Clean up images more quickly
  • Add landmarks in any view at any time
  • Easily scan very small shapes
  • Learn the new features quickly with the updated and revised Quick Step Guide (QSG) version 3.0
View the Spectra 3 New Features video and read the Spectra 3 What’s New Overview document to learn all about the new features. Please also refer to the relevant sections of the updated Quick Step Guide.

Update Download Link

Contact Vorum Support for download link.

Upgrade Instructions

  • Upgrading from Older Versions: If you are upgrading from a version of Spectra prior to version 1.5, you can also refer those updates also.
  • Licensing & Drivers: You will not be required to install a new license after installing the update, HOWEVER if you previously had Spectra v1.4 or earlier installed, it is necessary to install the updated hardware drivers to use Spectra 3.0.1 (links for program and drivers below).
  • Data Compatibility: Scan files saved in Spectra 3.0.1 are not compatible with Spectra 2.0 or earlier. If you routinely share scan files within your company or with a central fabricator, be sure they are also updating to the latest version so you can continue to share files.
Important: Please inform support@vorum.com when you have installed the update so we can keep our records up-to-date and better support you in future. Please also confirm your mailing address and we will ship an updated hard-copy version of the Quick Step Guide for Spectra 3.0.


Please contact support@vorum.com or call +1-604-321-7277.